Teaching Crowds: Learning & Social Media

Jon Dron & Terry Anderson

Now available in paperback from AU Press

Also available from most major booksellers including e-book versions for Kindle, Kobo,  and more (see below).

This is a book about how crowds can teach, and how to teach crowds, using the tools and communities of social media. It is about online learning with the help of other people and helping other people to learn online. Whether you are a teacher, a researcher, or a learner, there is probably something in this book for you.

George Siemens calls it the most important edtech book released in 2014…

George Siemens calls it the "Most important edtech book released this year"
Thanks George!

The book retails for CAD $39.95 plus applicable taxes and is available in e-book and paper formats.

Read it for free…

If you just want to dip into a chapter or two, or would simply like a full and unabridged copy of the book to read on your computer or mobile device, a PDF version of the book is free to download, as are the individual chapters. We don’t recommend reading it that way unless you have a very big e-reader or don’t mind staring at a computer screen for a very long time but it is handy for searching for references etc, or figuring out whether you want to buy the paper or e-book version.

From this site you can also read it as HTML (see links below, or via the main menu), which provides a more mobile-friendly format.

Read and discuss individual chapters and sections

Feel free to use the menu at the top of this and other pages on the site or the links below to read and comment on individual book chapters. Most books are a bit of a one-to-many thing, which seems a bit of a waste and in many ways contrary to the spirit of the text. We offer our readers the chance to talk with us and with one another about these ideas and thoughts that emerge.

PDF version of Teaching Crowds available for free here

Full list of individually downloadable chapters and sections

Front Matter – Table of Contents – List of Figures and Tables

Preface – Chapter 1. On the Nature and Value of Social Software for Learning – Chapter 2. Social Learning Theories – Chapter 3. A Typology of Social Forms for Learning – Chapter 4. Learning in Groups – Chapter 5. Learning in Networks – Chapter 6. Learning in Sets – Chapter 7. Learning with Collectives – Chapter 8. Stories From the Field – Chapter 9. Issues and Challenges in Educational Uses of Social Software – Chapter 10. The Shape of Things and of Things to Come

References – Index

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Kindle edition (ebook)

Teaching Crowds is one of nine open access books (more on the way), published by Athabasca University Press as components of a Issues in Distance Education series. We invite readers to review the other titles in this series and considering publishing with AUPress.

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