Review from the American Journal of Distance Education

A nice, detailed review of Teaching Crowds by Jason Oliver, that describes all the chapters well and that provides some good observations on what kind of value different sets of people might get from it (and which chapters those with prior knowledge can skim!):

“Overall, I enjoyed the breadth of topics presented in this book and would recommend this publication to others who are interested in the overarching topics of learning theory, social learning, the application of social media for learning, or online learning. I believe the organization of topics, the authors’ writing style, and the general flow of the book help this to be an easy read for all audiences, even those with little prior knowledge of the subject. The authors provide well-referenced research and information on learning theories, social software, and related topics, which helps improve the accessibility of the book to anyone new to this area of study. At the same time, the models and examples provided throughout may also be beneficial to individuals who have a stronger background in the subject matter.”


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