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A day or two ago we were a bit surprised (but also delighted) to discover that, though the paper version of Teaching Crowds is not out till the end of September 2014, the free PDF version is already available at the AU Press site. Do feel free to download it. It uses a Creative Commons licence so, as long as you’re not planning to sell it or pass it off as your own, you are welcome to share it or parts of it with anyone you like.

We have been told that the Amazon Kindle version and epub versions may take a little longer to arrive: we’re anticipating they should be around from about the middle of October 2014, but we’re hoping they will be here sooner.

We hope you will be sufficiently intrigued to buy the paper or ebook version of the book. PDF files are handy for quick skimming, reading sections, copying from, and finding passages, but they are not normally the best way to read a whole book, unless you have something like the wonderful but massively overpriced Sony Digital Paper. Of course, you should bear in mind that we may be biased! We’re not expecting to become rich selling this book but we are hoping to get a nice meal out of it when the royalties arrive. Or at least a burger. Or a drink.

Thanks for all the kind words that we have been receiving via Twitter and other social sites: keep them coming, and do spread the good news around your groups, networks and sets!

This site will evolve a little over the coming weeks and months. We’re hoping to include more resources, links to interesting sites (including many of those referred to in the book) and the opportunity to discuss and comment on individual chapters from the book.

Jon Dron

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