Coming September 29th…

Publication date: September 29th

Unless things go unexpectedly wrong, Teaching Crowds: Learning & Social Media should have rolled off the press by September 29th, 2014! We will be adding things to this site over the coming months, providing links, papers, and useful resources to accompany the book. We welcome comments, suggestions, responses and reviews. This is a site for learning, and we hope to learn from our readers at least as much as they learn from us.


This is a book about how crowds can teach, and how to teach crowds, using the tools and communities of social media. It is about online learning with the help of other people and helping other people to learn online. Whether you are a teacher, a researcher, or a learner, there is probably something in this book for you.

The book retails at CAD$39.95 plus applicable taxes and will be available in e-book and paper formats.

If you just want to dip into a chapter or two, or would simply like a full and unabridged copy of the book to read on your computer or mobile device, a PDF version of the book will be free to download.

Visit the official book page at the publisher’s site

Get the book from

Get the book from

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